Name: Cashew Farm Partnership Plan
Return on Investment: Up to 60% of Farm Earnings
Unit Price: ₦450,000
Available Units: 3800

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons you should: You get the chance to become a proud cashew farm owner; you make money every year from the harvests; you can concentrate on your job or business without having to worry about managing the farm because it’s Hastom’s responsibility; you’ll be joining a bandwagon of entrepreneurs/investors using Agriculture to boost Nigeria’s economy and also solving Africa’s food shortage problem; Also, cashew is a very dependable come with high income potential for many decades. Yearly, the proceeds can fund your dreams, foot your bills, and in the long run, be a kind of retirement and pension plan.

A unit is an acre valued at N450k. The minimum you can invest is 1 acre while the maximum is a hundred unit, totaling of N45m.

Investment cycle starts 24 hours after full payment is received. For part/installment payment, there are two options. For option 1, you make a payment of 150k 3 times over a period of 60 days and your investment starts counting exactly 24 hours after complete payment is made. For option 2, you make a payment of 165k 3 times over a period of 60 days. In the second option, your investment start counting immediately after the first payment, but you forfeit it if you do not complete in 60 days.

An interest rate of 45% ROI of investment capital is payable over the first 3 years after which Hastom Food and Farms pays 60% of sales of cashew and keeps 40% as management fee.

N450k is our valuation of what it cost to start the process of planting and growing a cashew tree from seedlings. Our evaluation takes into consideration: Cost of leasing the land for 40 years, seedling purchase, and clearing with bulldozer, packing and burning, ploughing, planting and pegging, weed management, insurance, and the cost of intercropping with other cash crops.

Yes, it can be transferred to your beneficiary or gifted to anybody of your choice. You’ll have to input that on your investment portal created or send us a mail as regards that.

Yes. For more details, please read our Farm Visits policy.

24 hours after you pay completely, we commit your money instantly. So, if you ask for a refund in the first year, you’ll lose 50 percent of your investment capital. For any other year starting from the second, Hastom will open a dialogue with you, and pay you back days 60 percent of the valuation of your farm at that point within 7 working days.

Your investment is secured because it is managed by a team with an amazing track record in cashew farming and agribusiness. We have also partnered with Leadway Assurance specifically on this plan to secure and insure every tree against unforeseen circumstances.

Yes. There will be general updates from time to time and a notification sent to your email to that effect. If you do not get updates, check your spam folder in your inbox, email, call or send us a WhatsApp message at +234 8163013001 and we would get it delivered to your inbox.

Yes a processing and admin flat fee of N4, 900 is required on any volume of investment units bought.

The yearly interest for the first 3 years will be available for withdrawal on your dashboard after the investment cycle (a calendar year). From the fourth year, you also see on your dashboard the amount and time due of your returns.

This opportunity is open to both individuals and corporate organizations, to those who loves farming but don’t want to be physically involved. It’s for those living in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, as well as non-Nigerians. As long as you are passionate about the agricultural sector or have some investible funds, you are highly eligible!

For over three years now, our flagship cashew-cassava investment plan has always sold out, with over 5000 acres of land cultivated for many independent investors in Nigeria and diaspora. However, this novel plan is to allow many others people of the public to get a chunk of the ever-booming cashew industry.

The truth is cashew nuts are in so much high demand that supply is considerably low, meaning there’s never really anything like glut/excess. In case of excess supply due to one reason or the other, we are already building the capacity to process to foods. Presently, our processing plant is under construction with the capacity to process 10000 metric tonnes per unshelled cashew nuts and 1000 metric tonnes of shelled cashew nuts per annum.

At Hastom, we believe that agriculture is the next frontier and food production to meet growing population demands is the world’s greatest challenge. To solve this challenge is why we exist, and what also keeps us going. So, we’ll always be here. More so, we are not just an online platform. We don’t just link sponsors to farmers. We are the real farmers and are fully integrated in the business of farming and agriculture. We own the lands, the workers, and the machineries, used on all our farms. Because we are here to stay, we are constantly strengthening our base through massive commitment to farm infrastructures which includes warehouses, processing structures, and innovative farm projects, among others.

We are planting the Hoc-038 specie which is our custom, Grade A seedling cultured from a well detailed procedure that guarantees high yield and quality.

No. An additional investment cannot be added to an existing one. Subsequent investments will be termed as a new investment portfolio.

This ROI plan ensures you keep getting paid yearly with your name as the farm owner. Your yearly ROI can serve as a form of pension/retirement plan, sponsor your regular, scheduled bills, pays your children school fees, and sponsor your vacation trips, among many others.

Yes it does. Cashew nut prizes are increasing year after year, meaning that apart from increasing returns as the trees fruits the more, overall income increases yearly except if there is a year cashew nuts prices drops. Hastom operates a very open system in that you are aware of all the ongoings during trading seasons.

For all the lands we sell and cultivate on, we have the goodwill and support of the local community and they are well integrated into our system. We have a good working relationships with law enforcement agencies and local vigilante groups within the community. Because of the size of what we do, we have security on ground 24/7 to curtail any emergency situations.