Company Overview

Company Overview

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The world’s demand on food is way ahead of the supply available and it is the availability of farm produces that drives the market prices. When food production is low, the prices of the few stored ones are rather inflated in the process of meeting the enormous demands of the public. This has been so all over the world - the sudden scarcity of what was initially in abundance.

By 2030, 2-3 billion more people will be welcomed into this world, and as you should now know, more food supply will be needed. Therefore, agricultural sector of this nation needs individuals that will invest big into it, in order to meet the ever growing food demand in the world and this is the best time to invest due to the fact that, Nigeria is in the point at which the economy is struggling and for the economy to be balanced, the agriculture sector must be first a top notch as we have in the developed western countries, ‘few farmers but massive cultivation’. In this plight we, at Hastom Nigeria, are taking advantage of this new frontier and creating investment opportunities for people interested in farming, or already-farmers who will in-turn be the first set of beneficiary of the developing agricultural sector of the country.

With our team of experts, specialists and consultants, Hastom Nigeria has garnered reputation as the biggest farmland selling and Management Company, and has helped scores of prospective and professional farmers across the globe in acquiring and setting up farmlands. The company has been positioned to be a shining light, a trailblazer in the world of agriculture and general
agribusiness through its various services readily available.

Hastom Nigeria has a farm project which is renowned for its unrivaled fertility—a virgin land that supports virtually all kinds of plantation. There, big farm plantations (majorly Cashew plantation), of over 500 acres are grown by independent farmers, agro-groups and association, and cross-border agro-investors across the globe. Presently, we have our cashew-cassava plantation that spans over a hundred acres. We have very fertile farmlands in numerous places readily available. We are also into large scale, mechanized farming too, not just promoting it.

Hastom Green City is a 1300hectare agro-city that is been planned and positioned to be the melting point for agriculture, trade, and tourism. It’s been planned to be the best agricultural center ever through our Agro-Tourism concept: A center of adventure, learning and relaxation where people from all over the world are welcome to blossom in the fondness of nature and
flaunt in the aura of our agro-paradise. Features are, a Golf course, Cattle ranch, Horse stables/Horse racing, Food and cash crop production, Aquaculture, apiary, livestock, a research institute, modern agro-training center, agro-processing center, fishing and hunting, zoo, and weight management/fitness center, and many more. The city will provide hundreds of jobs for the unemployed populace. Urbanization will evolve for the remote town where it is situated and revenues will be generated from local and foreign visitors, hence, improving the economy and building the nation in a grand scale.



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