Name: Cashew Investment Plan
Return on Investment: 110% (Spread over 4 years)
Unit Price: ₦125,000
Available Units: 50

Frequently Asked Questions

1. General global demand for cashew and low supply. 2. Investment platform- A cashew tree produces fruits for over 40 years which gives room for your investment to spread for a long period.
3. It secures your Resources (Principal)
4. It helps you build wealth while you are resting.
5. It also serves as a form of Pension Plan

7 days after payment has been made by Naira debit card and 21 days for foreign bank card.

A tree is valued at 12, 500. The minimum you can invest is 1 unit (ten trees) total of N125, 000.

The maximum an investor can buy is 500 units. From a unit to five hundred, you can invest as much as you can afford.

No, each unit is 125, 000 with no discount on any number of unit you purchase.

Yes, it can be transferred to your beneficiary or gifted to anybody of your choice upon documentation.

Yes you can, subject to 72hours notice and all logistics cost will be on the visiting investor.

Yes, you can request for a refund after your investment starts counting but it comes with a 30 percent forfeiture of your capital. Please see our refund policy for more details.

We have partnered with Leadway Assurance to secure and insure all our projects against unforeseen circumstances.

We are always working to make payment experiences more pleasant for you. When you pay via bank transfers to the bank account provided in the timeframe allotted, your payments are automatically synced with your portal and you can find your purchased cashew units. So, there's nothing to worry about, we got you!

Take our word for it, your funds are safe, but more than just our word, all of our farms are fully insured by LeadWay Assurance. Therefore in the event that something remotely goes wrong with our harvest, which has historically not been the case, your capital is insured, there is nothing to worry about.

Yes you do. Updates on the progress of your investment are uploaded to your portal and notification sent to your email.
If you do not get updates, check your spam folder in your inbox, email, call or send us a whatsapp message at +234 8163013001 and we would get it delivered to your inbox.

You can see your payout date on the transactions tab of your portal once you are signed in.

Hastom Food and Farms was built taking into proper account the security of your payment and other personal information.
Critical customer information is encrypted and securely stored. We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details. The PCIDSS is a standard guide, globally, that all reputable payment processors must adhere to.

We have a cashew-cassava investment plan that is sold out however the Cashew unitary plan is a new joint venture put in place by Hastom FOOD AND FARMS to allow more people benefit from the gold mine in the cashew business due to its affordability.

We have secured long term contracts with processing companies, thereby we are not affected by excess supply in the market.

At Hastom, we believe that agriculture is the next frontier and food production to meet growing population demands is the world’s greatest challenge. This is why we exist, and what also keeps us going. So, we’ll always be here.

We are the real farmers and are fully integrated in the business of farming and agriculture. We own the lands, the workers, and the machineries, used on all our farms. Because we are here to stay, we are constantly strengthening our base through massive commitment to infrastructures. Warehouses, processing structures, novel farm projects, among others, are many going on from time to time.

We are planting the Hoc-038 specie which is our custom, Grade A seedling cultured from a well detailed procedure that guarantees high yield and quality.

The Investment returns 20% yearly till the third year and there is a 50% gain in capital invested at the fourth year. The investment returns profit from the first year.

No, an additional investment cannot be added to an existing one. Subsequent investment will be termed as a new investment.

Yes it does. We ensure that along the way you aren’t just getting interest from your initial investment capital. Starting from the 5th year, your interests are calculated from principals which also increase in value from time to time.