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April 7, 2017
Smart Agro Investor – Hastom

Cashew-Power Investment Plan [CIP]

Cashew Power Investment Plan is a plan that is developed to help investors maximize their invested capital. This involve cultivating cashew with a short term crop like cassava so while the cashew is growing cassava can bring some returns to the investor. A minimum of 70% of the capital is expected to be generated in the first year. This plan will cost about 255,500 naira per acre and this cost covers the cost of farmland and cultivating the land.

The minimum slot available for this project is 10 acres. You can request for the detailed proposal via Contact Us Form

You can read the details here”a Contact Us Form

You can read the details by clicking HERE



Comments (2)

  1. 4 months ago




    Have farmland for cultivation, need farm management

  2. 4 months ago


    Ikenna Okpala


    Good day, I want to know if any of your farms is insured and by who. This will guide me and my coinvestors decision.

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