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June 6, 2017
Hastom Seed Plus

Hastom Special Hybrid Seed

Our super hybrid seeds are available for sales at two thousand, five hundred naira (#2,500) per pack and
has the following qualities over other kinds of cashew seeds.
1. Fastest fruiting ability :- They begin to fruit within 18months of planting
2. Best fruiting Species:- They are able to yield up to 70kg per tree.
3. Best Nut in terms of Quality :- Our Cashew seeds has the following qualities
a. KERNEL OUT-TURN RATION (KOR):- It is the quality of good nut we get from 80kg of raw cashew nuts. The count is in pound per 80kg. Our Cashew seeds has a KOR of 48 – 55% which is the best anyone could get around.
b. NUT COUNTS:- This is the amount of cashew nut that makes up 1kg, the smaller the value, the bigger the nut. Our hybrid seeds has a nut count of 170 – 180 which is usually the benchmark for exporting raw cashew nuts by exporters.
c. HIGH DISEASE RESISTANCE:- Diseased or mouldy nuts include all nuts which when cut reveal the presence of fungi growth or a milky patch or a spread of brown or black spot on the split kernel which most species of nuts are prone to this but the ones we have at Hastom Nigeria is a very high resistance to such abnormalities.
d. DROUGHT RESISTEANCE:- These special Hybrid seeds are capable of withstanding long period of lack of water and still have their high potential yield unlike most seeds out there.

These qualities makes our special hybrid cashew seeds the most sort after by exporters.



Comments (2)

  1. 4 months ago




    I want to purchase seedling from you how many seeds are there in you 2500 naira back I need 4500 seeds

    1. 3 months ago


      Moyebi Temidayo


      Good Day Sir.
      Kindly send a mail to [email protected] or put a call through to hastom Nigeria at +234 816 301 3001.
      By the way, by your calculation, you will be needing about 90 packs as each pack contains 50 seeds.
      Hope to hear from you soon sir.

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