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April 7, 2017
Smart Agro Investor – Hastom

The Smart Agro-Investor plan [SIP]

With the SMART AGRO-INVESTOR PLAN, everybody can be part of the agricultural revolution. This plan only require the investor to Contact Us in other to discuss their interest in agriculture.

Hastom will give recommendations of profitable agricultural projects to invest in backed up the the projections of the returns on investment.

We will assist in securing cheap farmland for the project, set up the project and also manage the project.

A major advantage of this is that once your land is secured, whatever budget you want to work with can be accomodated.

We can guarantee the following;

    • Very fertile Farmlands
    • Mechanized Land Preparation (Clearing, Tilling, Ploughing, Ridging, Picking)
    • Mechanized/Manual planting with Hastom hybrid seeds or seedling
  • Farm/Plantation Management
  • Crop Treatment {fertilizer application, weed control, etc.}
  • Technical Assistance
  • Agri-business and Consultancy Support (for produce marketing)
  • Free Agro-advisory Services



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  1. 6 months ago


    Michael ALIU


    Please can I get additional information on the cow ranching scheme you have.

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