Who We Are

Who We Are

You Are A King Here

Hastom Global Services Limited is a leading company which orientates, promotes and support people to invest into real estate through agriculture. We help them to acquire the best farmlands at affordable prices and start their big farms and plantations. Our farmers and agro-investors enjoy benefits of top agricultural services, amazing products, and investment plans that transform the look of farming and general agribusiness. These services are further available to help the intending and veteran farmer benefit from the complete investment package beyond mere farmland acquisition. Consultancy and advisory provision, to availability of farm equipment and machinery, to the best hybrid seeds and seedlings with very high yield return potential, to commodities sales and marketing are all part of the equation. This investment platform helps intending and veteran farmers build more capacity, amplify growth and develop global agricultures practices. Our farmers are proud real estate investors or agro-investors that saw the potential in going opposite the conventional way of investing in rental properties.


Our vision is to be a leading real estate company with specialty in offering profitable investments in farming and agriculture.


To provide the best, low-cost agricultural services and products that aids quality investment in farming and agriculture.


Result-driven agro-preneurship academy

Leading the vision of the best agricultural center ever

Corporate sensitization's/forum on agricultural investments

Promotion of international economic relationship in global farms

Promotion of socio-business relationship through travel and tourism

Promotion hybrid seed varieties that improves general farming performance

Promotion of large and viable lands available for farm cultivation and plantation set-up

Promotion of innovative ways to access and use the latest, result-oriented farming practices available




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