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“We planned buying 20 acres, but on seeing what Hastom is doing after visiting them in Ogbomosho, we bought 100 acres instead.”

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“Need problems-free farmlands? For me, Hastom is the only option.”

“With Hastom, I’m a dream cattle owner, and yet never had to be involved directly.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hastom food and farms is an agro business located in Ogbomoso, Oyo State. Our main activities are the commercial cultivation and processing of cashew nuts for the domestic and international market, Cattle fattening and Sales of Farmlands.

A number of hands come together to make our process work for you. We are a team of energetic and creative young people who prioritize a better product and an excellent service above everything else. Our team cuts across Agricultural Operations, Finance, User Experience, Technology and Design. Our skills are interwoven in ways to productively empower investors while putting a decent profit in their pocket.

We’ve been in the business for over five years.

Yes, we are partnered with Leadway Assurance.

The returns for your subscriptions are made at the end of the investment cycle (1 calendar year) as indicated when you subscribe for the plan.

Yes you do. Updates on the progress of your investment are uploaded to your portal and notification sent to your email. If you do not get updates, check your spam folder in your inbox, email, call or send us a whatsapp message at +234 8163013001 and we would get it delivered to your inbox.

You can see your payout date on the transactions tab of your portal once you are signed in.

Hastom Food and Farms was built taking into proper account the security of your payment and other personal information. Critical customer information is encrypted and securely stored. We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details. The PCIDSS is a standard guide, globally, that all reputable payment processors must adhere to.

The process of investment is carried out online through our website and Investment opportunity is open to both individuals and corporate organizations, Nigerians living in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, as well as non-Nigerians. It doesn’t matter if you are in a paid employment, or self-employed; as long as you are passionate about the agricultural sector or have some investible funds, you are highly eligible!

To guarantee the safety of every investor’s funds, all projects would be insured by our partner insurance company, Leadway Assurance.

The insurance covers only the invested capital, it does not cover the return on investment.

Yes, but a 72 hours’ notice needs to be given.

Both the initial capital invested and the ROI are duly sent directly to the submitted account details of the investor.

Yes a processing flat fee of N2, 900 is required when picking up any of our plans.

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How Safe is My Money

Hastom platform was built with Bank-Grade security features. Our farm investment are insured by Leadway Assurance, who ensures investors funds are covered no matter the situation. We also work with a PCIDSS complaint payment prodessor for the security of investors data.

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