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Farm Set Up & Management

Our team with over 8 years experience in different areas of livestock or crop farming are readily available to help setup and manage your farm projects on your behalf. Some of our expertise lies in maize, tomato, groundnut, beekeeping, cassava, yam, potato, plantain, oil palm, cattle farming to mention a few.

Our cashew farm setup project in Ogbomoso, Oyo state is currently available for interested parties.

What is the least farm management project you take?

We set up and manage at least 5 acres of cashew farm projects and as high as 500 acres.

How much can I earn from my cashew farm harvest?

All things being equal, an acre of cashew farm will yield an average harvest of 1000kg yearly for up to 40 years, 1kg of Cashew is valued at an average of $1, which means you earn $1000 annually! For instance, 1kg is valued at ₦480, this simply means your cashew harvest should be worth ₦480,000 or more depending on the exchange rate at the time of selling in the market. The best part is the higher the dollar, the higher your returns!!

How do I sell my harvests?

Our years of established network and partners would guarantee sales of your harvest at the best attainable price at the period, however, you may choose to sell your harvests by yourself if you so wish.

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