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Farmland Acquisition & Sales

Farmland has generated superior returns historically for us and other farmland owners and is an attractive investment to an asset portfolio but we understand problem-free farmland can be very difficult to access. Over 50% of all farmland in Nigeria is owned by families with historical unresolved conflicts or unpaid debts.

Farmland purchase just like any other real estate property requires an intensive and thorough due diligence. With Hastom Properties, you can now own acres of problem-free farmland  and sleep better at night knowing that your capital is safely parked in a secure, vetted farmland property.

Are there any land disputes?

No, all our farmlands were legally acquired,problem free & also free from government acquisition. We’ve assisted hundreds of interested farmland owners across Nigeria acquire problem free lands since 2013, check us out on to see our track record.

What documents do I get after farmland purchase?

The company provides you with legal documents such as payment receipt, an allocation sheet and deed of assignment, however, the deed of assignment comes at a fee of 10% cost of the land which is to be borne by you. You can also choose to liaise with your lawyer to process the deed of assignment on your behalf, if this is the case, Hastom provides you with only payment receipt and allocation sheet.

What crops can I cultivate on the land?

The land is suitable for diverse crops such as Cashew, cassava, maize, yam, millet, legumes, watermelon, pepper etc. For crops such as plantain and oil palm, you would need to have an irrigation system, the land is also very suitable for livestock farming.

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