Nigeria’s First Agricultural Real Estate Company

Nigeria’s First Agricultural Real Estate Company

With little or no background about cattle, starting your own cattle farming business can be a little confusing.

Just like every venture, prior consultation is a must, a business plan is very important and this gives the roadmap to execution.

Below are steps on how to start a profitable cattle farming business

  1. Make Consultation & Develop A Business Plan: Get your facts right and develop a plan that includes financial projections and other necessary operations.
  2. Secure A Good Location: Location should be highly safe with a good transportation network. It should be conducive enough to accommodate your cattle within a trustworthy commodity.
  3. Ranch Facilities: Fence around the location, watering facilities, feed troughs/bunks are priorities. You will also need to build sheds to secure your cattle from rain and sun.
  4. Acquire Cattles: Your goal for the operation will determine if the stock to be purchased will be for breeding, dairy or fattening.
  5. Farm Management: Get a farm manager and employ a veterinarian. Ensure quality feeding and regular vaccination. Keep records!

The joyful thing about this business is that the by-products from cattle have an already established market throughout the world. That means if you go into this business, you have millions of potential customers waiting for you!

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