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It is no longer news that farmland is the new goldmine and in this blog post, we would be looking at important considerations when owning farmland.

There are a lot of factors to be considered while owning farmland some of which are; location, soil type, good access to water, accessibility to market, government policies and motorable roads just to mention a few. Today, the main factor we would be considering is motorable roads. 

Road is one of the important considerations when owning farmland.. Having motorable roads to the farm means that there is a road or pathway that is suitable for vehicles to travel on and provides easy access to the farm. It implies that the road is in good condition, well-built, and maintained, allowing motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, tractors, or other agricultural machinery to navigate without significant difficulties.

Benefits of owning a motorable farmland.

Having a motorable road connecting to farmland is of great benefits, some of the benefits of owning a farmland with  motorable roads are listed below;

  • Accessibility:  A motorable road provides convenient access to your farmland. It allows you, your workers, and any necessary vehicles or equipment to reach the farm easily. This accessibility is crucial for transportation of goods, machinery, and supplies to and from the farmland.


  • Productivity: A well-connected road enables efficient transportation, which can significantly enhance the productivity of your farmland. It allows you to quickly move harvested crops, livestock, or dairy products to markets, processing facilities, or distribution centers. This reduces delays and ensures fresher products reach the intended destinations, maximizing their value.


  • Cost Saving: With a motorable road, you can save on transportation costs. It eliminates the need for off-road vehicles or expensive alternatives, such as hiring helicopters or using unconventional transportation methods. The cost savings can positively impact your overall farm budget and profitability.


  • Market Access: A road linking your farmland to major transportation routes or nearby towns and cities provides better market access. It enables you to connect with potential buyers, suppliers, and agricultural service providers, facilitating business transactions and networking opportunities. It opens doors to a wider customer base, expanding your market reach.


  • Emergency Response: During emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, a motorable road ensures that emergency services, such as fire trucks, ambulances, or veterinary assistance, can reach your farmland promptly. This can be crucial in managing and mitigating any potential risks or damages.


  • Infrastructure Development: A well-maintained road to your farmland can encourage infrastructure development in the surrounding area. It can attract investments, improve local connectivity, and pave the way for the establishment of supportive facilities like warehouses, cold storage units, or processing plants. This can contribute to the overall development of the agricultural ecosystem in your region.


  • Ease of Operations: A motorable road simplifies day-to-day farm operations. It facilitates the movement of farm machinery, equipment, and vehicles, making it easier to perform tasks such as plowing, irrigation, harvesting, or pest control. This efficiency can save time and effort, enabling you to focus on other essential aspects of farm management.


  • Economic opportunities: Improved access through a motorable road opens up economic opportunities for the farm and the surrounding community. It facilitates tourism, agro-tourism, farm visits, and other activities that can generate additional income for farmers.


  • Machinery and equipment maintenance: Easy access to a motorable road is beneficial for maintenance and repair of farm machinery and equipment. It allows mechanics or service personnel to reach your farmland conveniently, reducing downtime and ensuring that your equipment remains in good working condition.


  • Accessibility for labor and visitors: A motorable road makes it convenient for farm workers to commute to your farmland. It can attract and retain skilled labor, as accessibility is a crucial factor for potential employees. Additionally, it allows visitors such as agricultural experts, suppliers, or potential buyers to reach your farm easily, fostering collaborations and business opportunities.

In conclusion, having a motorable road enhances accessibility, economic opportunities, ease of operations, market access, cost savings and many more. These benefits can contribute to the overall success and profitability of your agricultural enterprise. Hastom Nigeria has farmlands that are affordable, and most importantly, have good and motorable roads for sale in Ogbomoso, Oyo state. 

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